At MBRU, we are dedicated to providing our staff, students, faculty and the wider medical community with best in class facilities, in order to achieve pioneering research and excellence in education. To ensure we deliver on our aim of educating the healthcare professionals of tomorrow.

Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor Medical Simulation Center

Spread over 42,000 feet, our Simulation Centre provides a realistic hospital environment and clinical skills lab to train and education our students.

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Al Maktoum Medical Library

Housing an extensive range of online resource materials, a collection of rare books and medical journals, our library plays a pivotal role in supporting students, MBRU staff, faculty and the wider medical community.

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The Ahmed Siddiqui Auditorium

Our auditorium is designed to accommodate up to 337 guests, with best in class technology to help support global live streaming of events and conferences, connecting those from around the world with MBRU.

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Research Labs

To help our students and staff to achieve groundbreaking research, they are supported with a range of research labs from a computer lab housing over 70 computers to anatomy and pharmacology labs.

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Lecture Rooms

We have a vast array of lecture rooms at MBRU, with state of the art technology to provide our staff with the best to help educate our students to become the healthcare professionals of tomorrow.

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Surgical Skills Lab

Our Surgical Skills Labs are used for human tissue-based training, with the aim to improve patient care and outcomes through deliberate practice of surgical skills and clinical procedures.

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