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Our researchers are well-known in their disciplines of Medical and Biomedical Sciences and have an impressive track record in the scientific community through their publications and participation at national and international meetings and other scholarly activities.

The research activities of our faculty help lead to an extraordinary enriched educational experience for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The opportunities and training available to students create the next generation of well-prepared scholars, who will, in turn, go on to drive the advancement of medical knowledge and discovery.

MBRU’s medical students explore the intricacies of research early on as part of a course in the curriculum, which familiarizes them with research methodologies, design, and the implementation of a research project.

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Innovation in Research

Innovation is enshrined in MBRU’s vision of becoming a global hub for innovative and integrated healthcare education and research at the service of humanity. With dedicated support structures and policies, we aim to help our academics create and put into practice new ideas and discoveries and to translate their fundamental research into benefits for patients and society. MBRU is keen to foster commercial research collaborations towards this aim.

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