About the award

MBRU seeks to promote and recognize excellence among its community members as well as recognize and reward individuals and groups who have contributed to its mission. Therefore, we have initiated the MBRU Excellence Award a distinguished award that acknowledges outstanding staff, faculty and adjuncts.
All prospective awardees will have in common a commitment to the mission and goals of MBRU and embrace its values and ideals. The awards are open to all members of the MBRU Community/Family.


Click here to watch MBRU’s 1st Excellence Awards Ceremony video

Award categories

Awards are presented in 5 categories, each award has specific criteria which the judges use to shortlist the nominations.

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Award Winners

MBRU’s 2nd Excellence Awards Winners for the year 2021

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How to apply?

  • Visit the  award category section you would like to apply to
  • Click on ‘Apply Here’ and fill out the application form
  • Make sure your name and link evidences to your application and upload it

Two workshops will be held for further clarifications of the categories and submission. For inquires, please email us on ExcellenceAwards@mbru.ac.ae

Please note :

  • Applications will NOT be accepted by Email.
  • Eligible applicants have to complete 1 year at MBRU


Award Timeline

Important dates to remember: 

To be announced soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years of experience do I need in order to apply for an Excellence Award?

You have to complete one year of experience at MBRU.

How many words are you expecting in the application?

Each Sub criteria is applicable for max of 250 words

Do you need the teacher’s portfolio?

Just highlight most important part of it

Faculty: Can we add testimony from the Students?


Only last academic year?


Can we apply for more than one Category?

Apply maximum of 2 award categories but you can win only one

Can you submit to the same or other award if you win this year?

Yes, to a different category not to the same category

Are you expecting us to fill all the criteria’s?

Some categories criteria’s are mandatory, other two of three are mandatory

What is the award?


Can we nominate more that one person in Hidden star or Staff Award?


What about the admin employees?

Admin Employees can submit to the staff award

Is hidden star category only for the junior and outsourced junior staff?


Can anyone apply on behalf of the applicant?

No, applicant need to apply themselves

Elements required not mentioned in innovation category.
  • Innovation category is kept open so applicant can mentioned what was the objective of the innovation, how it was conducted, was it successful and what are the recommendations.
  • If it’s a new idea, what is the objective, how will it be beneficial and how you plan to execute it.
Does the applicant need to be a current employee of MBRU?


What if a person is shy to apply but would be deserving of the award?

Anyone can assist the person, but the application should be done by
the person itself