Endodontics for Prosthodontic Specialists

A series of lectures intended to expose the student to the concepts and information necessary for a Prosthodontic specialist to understand the importance and implications of the inter-relationship between Prosthodontics and other clinical disciplines, particularly endodontics. This course would enable the Prosthodontic student to assess the endodontic status of teeth relevant to the Prosthodontic status and carry out endodontics at the level of a skilled general dental practitioner. Topics include: relevant biology, anatomy, physiology, pathology and microbiology; the patho-physiology of pulpal and peri-radicular disease. Diagnostic procedures for clinical assessment. Radiographic techniques. Periodontal-endodontic inter-relationships and root resorption. Pulp morphology and access preparations. Cleaning, shaping and obturation of the root canal systems. Root canal obturation and surgical treatment methods.