Periodontology for Prosthodontic Specialists

A series of lectures intended to expose the student to the concepts and information necessary for a Prosthodontic specialist to understand the importance and implications of the inter-relationship between Prosthodontics and other clinical disciplines, particularly periodontics. This course would enable the Prosthodontic student to assess the periodontal status of teeth relevant to the Prosthodontic status and carry out periodontics at the level of a skilled general dental practitioner. Topics include: relevant biology, anatomy, physiology, pathology and microbiology; mechanisms by which oral microorganisms may be dispersed and cause disease in distant sites; factors which make a tooth unrestorable; pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of periodontal diseases; diagnosis and management of perio-endo lesions; biological rationale and indications for dental implants; procedures for placement, restoration and maintenance of dental implants; and dental materials.