Specialty Clinical Training – Pediatric Dentistry part 6

This course is the clinical course that encompasses the scope of clinical pediatric dentistry. During the program students are closely supervised while developing skills in diagnosis, radiographic technique, treatment planning, preventive and restorative dentistry, space management, trauma management and pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic behavior management techniques and management of children with special healthcare needs. Students gain extensive experience in the team management approach to patient care while interacting and coordinating with other departments within the College and with outside clinics and practitioners. In addition, a weekly meeting is convened to discuss the treatment planning of the new cases and to present completed cases for the department. The clinical course takes part in the clinics of the Dubai Dental Hospital.  Treatment under general anesthesia is conducted at the BR Medical Suites in DHCC and at Mediclinic City Hospital.  During the second semester of the second year, the residents will perform a clinical rotation in pediatric medicine.  This is a 2-week rotation for the residents in pediatric medicine.  The primary goal is to acquire knowledge and skills to function as health care providers within the hospital setting.