Specialty Clinical Training – Endodontics

This course is the clinical course that encompasses the scope of clinical Endodontics. During the first year of the Program, students are closely supervised while developing skills in diagnosis, radiographic technique, treatment planning, uncomplicated non-surgical endodontic therapy, trauma management and emergency management. During the second and third year as individual clinical skills develop, students’ progress to more complex endodontic therapy including surgical and non-surgical retreatment. Students also gain extensive experience in the team management approach to patient care through the multi-disciplinary clinics.  Year 3 students develop a holistic approach to the overall management of complex restorative treatment planning by liaising with other dental specialties. The clinical course will take part in the clinics of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed College of Dental Medicine.

The students will be required to pass the American Heart Association Advanced Cardiac Life Support in order to be eligible to perform inhalation sedation.

This course is the foundation of clinical practice where the students apply their knowledge and skills to treating patients.