Donate today for the doctors of tomorrow

Imagine life without medical professionals. How will we go on? It’s unimaginable.

To many medical education isn’t a possibility, rather only a dream. Together, we can help students pursue their purpose and become doctors by empowering them to get the education they need.

MBRU and Zakat Fund have joined forces again to launch the “Donate Today to our Frontliners, the Doctors of Tomorrow” during the Holy month of Ramadan. The campaign supports the educational journey of future doctors.

Your contributions will allow prospective medical students to purse their dreams, and become doctors serving the UAE and beyond.

During these difficult times of a pandemic we are experiencing globally, we understand too well that doctors are the frontline heroes who work tirelessly to keep us safe. Invest your Zakat today by donating to the doctors of tomorrow.


For Etisalat, insert “D” in the text body and send an SMS to the numbers below based on your preferred donation value:

8010 – AED 10

8050 – AED 50

8100 – AED 100

8200 – AED 200

IBAN Transfer

Transfer your donation to the Zakat Fund account:

Bank name: Emirates Islamic

Account number: 3707215596508

IBAN: AE980340003707215596508

Direct Contact

Zakat Fund: 

Mr. Salem Alzabidi

Mobile: +971 50 233 1222


Ms. Shamma Alrafi

Mobile: +971 58 511 1112


Make a donation to “Zakat Fund campaign and MBRU”