Emergency Department

Our Emergency Department is located within the basement of the center. It is setup with three minor beds, two major bays, and two resuscitation bays, and has an exclusive ambulance bay where MBRU’s very own ambulance can be brought in to simulate handover from pre-hospital to hospital set up.

An adjacent control room is used to run scenarios and the simulators through the instructor portal. It can also relay a live feed of the situations to the debriefing rooms upstairs the classrooms and the auditoriums through the Scotia Medical Observation and Training System (SMOTS) system.

The area is multifunctional and can be used for disaster and mass casualty management training following the appropriate Emergency Room protocols.

Our Ambulance can be used to simulate integrated patient care scenarios (from pre-hospital setting to hospital handover) like management of road accidents, mass casualties, and disaster management.


Other Facilities