Frequently Asked Questions

Are stipends available?

Postgraduate students are not eligible for stipends.

How many students are admitted to the MBRU Endodontic Residency Program?

Maximum two students per program per cohort.

What curriculum will be taught in this program?

The Saudi Board of Endodontic Program Curriculum is the official curriculum for this program. Details of the curriculum can be found here 

How this program is different from the Master of Science in Endodontics?

The MBRU Endodontic residency program is accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS). Therefore, residents are eligible to take the Saudi Endodontic Board examination. The Saudi Specialty Certificate in Endodontics issued by the SCFHS is recognized by the UAE PQR as Tier 2 qualification.

Will the student residences remain open during summer, and how would they implement physical distancing?

Answers and information pertaining to residences could be sought from accommodation providers.

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