Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the scholarship department at MBRU?

The scholarship department at MBRU can be contacted via email at or call 04-3838878.

Does the Scholarship Office accept petitions?

All scholarship decisions are final, and petitions are not accepted.

I am a postgraduate student who received an MBRU scholarship, what is the duration of my scholarship?

The duration of your MBRU scholarship lasts until you graduate, as long as you maintain good academic standing which is CGPA of 2.00.


As a new MBBS student, can I apply for Jood Scholarship without paying the seat reservation deposit?

New MBBS students that fail to pay the seat reservation deposit are not eligible to apply for Jood Scholarship.

I am an HBMCDM continuing student or an MBBS student, what is the deadline to apply for Jood Scholarship?

Deadlines for Jood Scholarship are available in the Jood Scholarship section on the scholarship page of the website

  • NOTE:  Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

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