Frequently Asked Questions

Will the student residences remain open during summer, and how would they implement physical distancing?

Answers and information pertaining to residences could be sought from accommodation providers.

Can we view the accommodation online? How can we contact the accommodation supervisor?

Yes. The shared links and information on housing include contact details, emails and links to tour the facilities. You have already received links to the different recommended private student accommodations.

If this situation continues, are you going to run Student Council Elections next year? Can we join as new students?

Student Council elections will be arranged online like any other activity and details will be announced by the Student Services and Registration Department. Students in their first year will be eligible to apply for the elections.

 Are we going to be tested for COVID-19 upon joining or do we need to do that on our own?

We will notify you of such tests if necessary if the Ministry of Education or other local authorities require conducting of pre joining tests.

How are you going to run the anatomy classes or labs either if online or on campus?

Anatomy can be effectively taught using a number of teaching methods. The lab session is just one of many teaching methods.  If no students are allowed on campus for health reasons, we will use other methods to teach the subject. This will apply to all other subjects having Labs.

Let us know your question and we’ll get back to you!

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