The MBRU Design Lab is an evolving space where students are empowered to move around and create their own content for learning rather than just memorizing facts delivered from faculty. The Design Lab hosts lectures and events to pursue and encourage innovation, including health design bootcamps, healthcare innovation seminars and workshops, and undertakes both faculty and student research projects while building communities of practice. The Design Lab’ interests notably include: improving the patient experience, increasing medical outcomes, changing lifestyle behaviors, educating innovators, rethinking processes and ultimately connecting patients with physicians.



At the MBRU Design Lab we truly believe in the benefits of human-centered approaches. Whenever possible we integrate all stakeholders (e.g., patients, nurses, physicians, technicians, admin staff) along the design process in order to increase the desirability, the usability and the efficiency of the proposed solutions. Our Design Thinking process follows fives steps that encourages short iterative cycles of designing and testing that allow stakeholders to build on feedback rather than intuitions.

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