The MBRU Design Lab

The Design Lab is located in the main building of the College of Medicine. The space is equipped with 20 square meters of whiteboard, one 86 inches interactive screen. It can host 32 people and it is entirely modular thanks to its furniture.  The space is used for workshop as well as prototyping. In addition to small supplies such as cardboard, markers, stickers, foam and LEGO, the following supplies and equipment are available:

  • 3D printer (Ultimaker S5)
  • Virtual Reality (1x HTC Vive Pro, 2x Oculus Quest)
  • Mobile device (Samsung S20)
  • Apple TV
  • Pocket Beamer (AAXA P300)
  • Hand-tracking (Magic Leap)
  • Micro-computers (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Minnowboard)
  • Video camera (2x GoPro Hero 8)
  • Photo camera (Polaroid)