Crisis Resource Management in Procedural Sedation and Analgesia (PSA) Program

Who needs this?

This course is designed for practitioners who are performing conscious sedation and those staff that are assisting them including Dentists & Physicians working in emergency departments, endoscopy, minor surgery, gynaecology, cosmetics and aesthetic surgery as well as nurses and technicians supporting safe sedation.

What you can learn?

  • Conscious sedation – definition, overview and current recommendations (When you can and when you shouldn’t)
  • Problems and complications of conscious sedation (What can go wrong and how to avoid them)
  • Airway assessment and management (How to spot a difficult airway and how to perform basic airway management)
  • Pharmacological aspects of conscious sedation (Common medications and antagonists used)
  • Communication strategies during clinical emergencies (SBAR and other tools)
  • Clinical scenarios of clinical complications during conscious sedation (Safe, low-risk ways to practice dealing with problems encountered during conscious sedation)

The course will be delivered using a multi-modal approach of blended learning including:

  • E-learning
  • A face-to-face day with interactive workshops
  • Clinical skill stations
  • A human patient simulation scenario