Library Services

Document Delivery

Document delivery services are available for resources which may not be available in the collection of the AMML. A cost is incurred for access to journal articles and publications on demand.
Due to costs, patrons may not exceed four Interlibrary Loans requests at one time or four within a one month period.
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Off Campus Access

Access to electronic resources such as ebooks and databases is available off campus through the MBRU library website and is restricted to currently registered patrons.

When accessing a library resource from outside the university patrons are prompted to enter their library username and password to gain access via the library proxy server.



Borrowing service is available for all library members. Patrons may borrow up to five resources in one session. The loan period for print resources is two weeks. After a two-week period loans may be renewed or recalled if required by another user. A reminder notice will be e-mailed three (3) days before books are due. Overdue notices will be sent approximately every three days until the item goes into billing. Notices are sent to the email address the library has on file for you.
Print journals are not available for loan. A book return is available for return of library resources. The book return is located at the entrance ground floor of the University.

Information Commons and Computing

The library has a number of computers available to access the library’s e-resources. Members are requested to adhere to the fair use of the computers and restrictions are in place for the use of personal software.
Photocopying, Scanning and Printing facilities are available for MBRU Students, staff and faculty. There are multifunctional devices available in the library, which allows MBRU members to photocopy, scan and print material. Copyright restrictions are to be observed within the acceptable fair use policy. Free Wi-Fi connectivity is available for all library visitors.

Information Literacy Programs

Information literacy programs are conducted throughout the year covering various topics that includes an introduction on how to use the Library’s services and how to access its resources, how to find information using various databases like EBSCO, OVID, ClinicalKey, UpToDate etc., training session on Citation manager ENDNOTE etc.

Sessions may also be arranged on an appointment basis. Sessions will be developed according to client needs. Information on all Library outreach and training activities is available and accessible via the website and in-house dissemination mechanisms.

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Room Reservations

Group study rooms are available for MBRU Students and Faculty for collaborative study and group works. Rooms may be booked at the library information desk. Preference will be given to groups. Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Two presentation rooms with state-of-the-art AV equipment are available in the Library to conduct presentations, training sessions, and meetings. Library members may reserve the rooms subject to availability and by using the online booking form. Requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis

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Reference and Information Services

The Information Desk is located at the main entrance of the Library and is the main service point for Library services. Services include Reference, Ask a Librarian, Check-In, Self-Check-Out, Reserves, Interlibrary loan (ILL), Document Delivery and Outreach and Training.
Reference Services may be accessed via email, phone, the website or by visiting the Library. An Ask a Librarian service is also available via the website. Librarians are also available in person for consultation for in-depth queries. A literature request form is available for onsite consultations.
Reference desk staff may also assist in general queries for use of library resources. In some cases, it may be necessary to point and guide patrons to other sources of information, when they are not available at Al Maktoum Medical Library.

Research Support

The Al Maktoum Medical Library offers high quality resources and services that support our researchers and graduate students. We can help you explore the library resources available to and help you conduct effective literature search on your research topic.
Librarian can assist you with:

  • Effective literature search on your research topic to maximize the quality and appropriateness of results
  • Advanced and efficient use of specialist databases
  • Keeping up-to-date with the literature in your field (e.g. setting search, table of contents and citation alerts)
  • Strategic publishing and maximizing your research impact
  • Tracking citations to see ‘Who is citing whom?’
  • Structuring systematic reviews
  • Efficient information management and much more…

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Wellness Services

We strive to offer excellent resources and services to support our patrons academic and intellectual pursuits, in addition to that our new Wellness Services aims to support our patron as a whole person. The library can be a place that students can visit to calm the mind and refocus in the midst of a busy day. Here at the Al Maktoum Medical Library, you’ll find a growing collection of resources designed to enhance and support your overall health and well being and in addition to that we created spaces for relaxing and comfortable reading. Our library welcomes everyone, whether it’s to study, to rest, or to recharge.

Happiness Corner

Happiness Corner is a dedicated space available at the library’s 2nd floor that provides a relaxing and inspiring environment for reading, group discussions & collaborative work with a wide selection of books covering happiness and positivity.

Breakout Lounge

Breakout lounge provides a space for students to relax and take a break. Students can use our breakout lounge to play puzzles, chess games or use coloring pages and supplies to nourish the artist within them. Students are allowed to spread out at the worktables, or cozy up in the armchairs spread around low tables for reading, contemplation, or quiet conversation.

Complimentary Arabic Coffee Cart

Enjoy complimentary Arabic Coffee available from our coffee cart stationed next to the information desk. Don’t be surprised to see library team serving Karak Tea and Dates often!

Armchairs & Bean Bags

Blue armchairs are scattered around the library, typically in front of our happiness corner. Bean bag chairs are also available in the library’s first and second floor. Students can free to move the bean bag chair to a favorite nook and nod off for a few to recharge.

Arabic Tent

A comfortable traditional Arabic tent is available within the library on the first floor in the learning commons. A space for students to take a break, relax and enjoy reading.