Advanced Molecular and Cellular Biology

This course provides an advanced knowledge to the molecular and cellular aspects of modern biology. These series of lectures and tutorials will provide an in depth understanding of molecular cell biology and how this discipline is used to solve scientific problems. It introduces the molecules that play a key role in biology, then goes on to describe their functions in the cell. Focus will be placed on discussing the role of cellular and molecular biology in modern science, how biological processes can be exploited and manipulated for practical purposes, rather than how they operate in nature. To understand how those process can be applied to biological problems such as therapies and experimental models used to study disease and how the use of advanced technologies is applied to biological problems. Throughout the course, emphasis will be placed on the review and critical evaluation of recently published experimental evidence; lectures will be complemented by practical sessions and discussion groups. Finally, the ethical and societal impacts of new applications in biology will be discussed and debated.