Clinical Skills Simulation Center

This course provides the practical skills necessary to prepare teeth for crown and bridgework and thus prepare residents to perform Prosthodontic procedures on patients. The student will participate in Prosthodontic procedures on typodont teeth in the Clinical Skills facility. Aspects of occlusion including facebow and associated record taking in order to program a semi-adjustable articulator will be demonstrated. The laboratory stages in the provision of fixed and removable prostheses as well as complete dentures will also be covered.  This course provides students with the necessary manual skills to undertake crown and bridgework with particular emphasis on all-ceramic work using Zirconia and glass ceramics eg lithium disilicate which were not taught previously. Digital dentistry is covered at the end of the course with demonstrations on how to scan models and manufacture crownwork by CAD CAM. Some aspects of this course are deemed remedial insofar as they should have been taught at undergraduate level. In order to comply with CAA requirements these elements are not credit bearing. Credit allocation for PR331 is thus 10 and not 12.