Clinical Specialty Training (includes Clinical Term)

This course is the clinical course that encompasses the scope of clinical Prosthodontics. During the first year of the program, students are closely supervised while developing skills in diagnosis, radiographic techniques, and treatment planning. In the first year students will treat patients for overall restorative dental care especially fixed and removable prosthodontics. Students will be exposed to a broad spectrum of cases including temporomandibular disorders, tooth wear and aesthetic cases. During the second and third year as individual clinical skills develop, students’ will progress to more complex cases including the placement and restoration of dental implants, surgical augmentation and grafting and interdisciplinary cases requiring combination endodontic, periodontal, surgical or orthodontic therapy. Prosthodontic therapy for operating room patients and patients undergoing conscious sedation procedures will be undertaken. Students will gain extensive experience in the team management approach to patient care while interacting and coordinating with other medical departments within the hospitals and with outside clinics and practitioners especially in the field of maxillofacial reconstructive prosthodontics. In addition, there is opportunity to attend hospital general anesthesia rotations. The clinical course will take part in the clinics of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed College of Dental Medicine and the Community Health Centers of the Dubai Health Authority. This course is the foundation of clinical practice where the students apply their knowledge and skills to treating patients.