Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Health Sciences

The world of healthcare has traditionally been characterized by incremental innovations and a deep-rooted aversion to risk. However, the healthcare realm is undergoing a quiet revolution, spurred by new developments in Big Data collection, by the growing presence of wearable sensors and related body monitoring equipment, and by increased connectivity between the people formerly known as patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, often thanks to the widespread adoption of mobile technologies.

In addition, design is increasingly playing a key role in making complex systems such as healthcare easier to understand and access. As designers continue to create medical devices for homes and hospitals, medical packaging, websites for people affected by chronic diseases or health-conscious consumers, apps that measure fitness, and other health-related products and services, they are also strategically helping to make the larger scale experience of healthcare more engaging and effective.

This course aims to supply MBRU students with a broad understanding across the disciplines of design thinking and user experience, digital health and entrepreneurial mind set, to help innovate and write the next chapter of healthcare’s history in the most compelling way possible.