Removable Prosthodontics: Complete Dentures

This course is concerned with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the edentulous patient and the immediate denture patient. Implant supported and retained prostheses for the edentulous patient will also be covered. The technical aspects and materials needed for the fabrication of various types of removable prostheses will be discussed. The course will include treatment planning, discussion of complex cases, complete denture design and the treatment options for tooth and/or implant support for the overdenture. Digital denture fabrication will also be included to demonstrate the modern technology in complete denture fabrication.

Topics include:

Clinical assessment of edentulous patients, primary and final impression techniques, recording jaw relations, laboratory procedures for fabrication of complete dentures, esthetic and functional rehabilitation, management of flat ridges and severe atrophy cases, neutral zone, copy dentures, reline and rebase of complete dentures, specific clinical cases, overdenture reinforment, obturator denture, CAD/CAM fabrication of complete dentures.