Research Methods 2

This is the second course in a series of three courses on research methods, Research Methods 1 and 2 and Research Project. This means that the syllabus of this course builds upon the foundation knowledge and skills obtained in the previous course (i.e. Research Methods 1). It will continue the scientific journey with an emphasis on analytical skills and critical thinking. Students will learn the importance of

conducting research and will acquire the respective skills to assist young motivated inquisitive learners to be engaged in research. The course will start with the students submitting the Student’s Research Project Form, as a fast-track request to the MBRU- Institutional Review Committee; and at the end of the course, the students will be able to develop a full-fledged research proposal and complete data collection. A specific focus during the development of the research proposal will be to enable the students to develop a detailed comprehensive research methods section. Data analysis, and final submission of the report will take place in Semester 5, during kthe Research Project course. Students are advised to continue working on their research projects during the summer break.

From a content perspective, this course further introduces students to the principles of research design and methods with a specific focus on enhancing their analytical skills. Specifically, the course will cover: Recap on the formulation of the problem statement; developing a research question and conducting a literature review; choice of appropriate study designs; measurement of concepts; sampling issues; modes of data collection; and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data; and practical ethical considerations will be also discussed. The data management and analysis detailed in the proposal will be carried-out during the Research Project course in Semester 5 of Year 3.