Research in Biomedical Sciences

The research course is designed for all graduate students at the MBRU who are enrolled in the thesis option graduate programs. This will provide students with an opportunity to register for research credit hours as they carry out their thesis research in the laboratory of their supervisors, acquire skill and gain research experience, and develop their research projects. Students will learn the methodologies employed in the supervisors’ laboratory introducing them to a wide range of research tools that will help them be equipped to plan and organize their research, as well as to communicate their findings. The students will practice scientific thinking and learn scientific processes, which may be helpful in advancing the students in their educational and career goals.

This is part of the graduation requirement for the thesis option students and requires each student to carry out an original research work and present it in the form of a research dissertation of a publishable standard. The students are required to present their thesis work publicly. The dissertation is also evaluated and judged by an examining committee of experts chaired by the student’s academic supervisor and at a minimum of two other members including an external examiner (see Master’s Thesis Defense below).