Research Methodology and Ethics

This is a general course on MBRU’s Master of Science (MSc) in Biomedical Science (BMS) program in the College of Medicine that runs in parallel with the Biostatistics course. Graduate students on MBRU’s MSc in BMS will come from a variety of academic and research backgrounds. Therefore, the course syllabus is designed to build upon the foundation research skills and knowledge that were developed during the student’s undergraduate degree program and ensure that all graduate students develop advanced research skills during their first semester. The overall aim of the course is to ensure that students develop the required advanced knowledge, skills, and competencies to conduct their graduate research projects in biomedical science. The course will focus on developing a research question, designing an appropriate research methodology, and considering the ethical implications of conducting animal and human biomedical research. Students will be required to write a research protocol that they will present and defend in front of their peers and program faculty. The course will employ a range of interactive and flipped lecture-based sessions coupled with peer-led tutorials and journal clubs specifically designed for advanced graduate learners.