Scientific Literature – Prosthodontics part 4

This course occurs in every semester and aims to develop critical appraisal skills in residents and recognition of the importance of evidence-based dentistry. Classic or seminal literature in prosthodontics and related fields will be reviewed. Faculty will lead each session but sessions will be inter-active and involve residents presenting an overview of the papers they have studied. This course will challenge residents to think about methodology, results and conclusions as well determine how clinically relevant are results and/or conclusions. The objectives of the literature seminars are to:

  1. Introduce post-graduate students to the various journals that have articles pertinent to the specialty of Prosthodontics;
  2. Provide awareness for both students and faculty of current advances in the field of Prosthodontics;
  3. Provide new articles for updating the Classical Literature seminars;
  4. Broaden the student’s perspective of Prosthodontics and Prosthodontic related information;
  5. Encourage critical thinking by in-depth analysis of study design, methods, results including statistical tests and discussion of publications.

Embed the philosophy of evidence-based dentistry into daily practice of HBMCDM post-graduate students