Scientific Literature – Endodontic part 1

This six-part scientific literature course spans the three years of the Endodontic Program. The seminars based on intensive and comprehensive readings in the literature of Endodontics covering all facets pertaining to the science and practice of Endodontics. The topical literature seminar course is the didactic element of the Program that introduces the student to the foundation of the science of Endodontics. Weekly seminars that comprehensively review both classic and most recent scientific dental literature pertaining to Endodontics.

The objectives of the literature seminars are to:

  1. Introduce the students to the various journals that have articles pertinent to the specialty of endodontics;
  2. Provide awareness for both students and faculty of current advances in the field of endodontics;
  3. Provide new articles for updating the Classical Literature seminars;
  4. Broaden the student’s perspective of endodontics and endodontic related information.

During the seminar session where the class meets with the instructor, critical thinking is encouraged by reviewing in detail and analyzing the study designs, methods and materials along with the discussion and conclusion sections.