Research Project

This is the third and final course in a series of three courses on research methods (Research Methods 1, Research Methods 2, and Research Project). This means that the syllabus of this course builds upon the foundation knowledge and skills obtained in the previous courses (i.e. Research Methods 1 and Research Methods 2). It will continue and then culminate the scientific journey with an emphasis on analytical skills, critical thinking, and the oral, written, and digital dissemination of research. Students will demonstrate their statistical analysis, data interpretation, and scientific communication skills by developing and delivering a conference poster, writing a dissertation, and designing a digital abstract of their student research project. Through these assignments, students will demonstrate that they have developed the required knowledge, skills, and competencies to complete a research project and disseminate the findings to both the scientific and lay community. The course will start with the students completing their data collection within the first three weeks of the semester followed by a recap on the data management and analysis skills acquired during the Research Methods 1 and Research Methods 2 courses. A specific focus of this course is developing scientific communication skills required by young motivated inquisitive learners to disseminate their research findings. Specifically, students will be required to (i) design an engaging conference poster that will be presented at the Student Research Poster Presentation Conference; (ii) write a dissertation; and (iii) develop a digital abstract that can be used on social media to disseminate the findings of their research project.