Special Topics in Biomedical Sciences

This course will provide students the chance to spend time in a particular laboratory to learn about the various projects in progress in that laboratory with emphasis on acquainting themselves with the literature in that research area and techniques being used in the laboratory. Students should study the literature provided by their respective faculty principal investigator and familiarize themselves with the research activities being carried out in the laboratory.

Moreover, in this course, students will learn how to devise hypotheses, design experiments that test their hypotheses, record their data in laboratory notebooks, critically analyze the results of their analyses, and present their findings to others. Students enrolled in this course will demonstrate deep understanding of their research projects and scientific communication skills through oral presentations. Students enrolled in this course will be exposed to a wide variety of research areas through participation in laboratory group meetings and peer presentations.

Regular attendance (at least 6 hour per week) and active participation of the student in observing and learning about these projects as well as starting to work on specific projects within the laboratory is of great importance.