Specialist Course : Acute Care of the patient with Cardiovascular Illness including Surgery and Interventional Procedures

This course will introduce the students to the principles and concepts of specialist cardiac nursing. Its main focus is acute care of the patient with cardiovascular illness who requires interventional procedures and/or surgery. Students will be introduced to the normal structure and function of the heart, the pathophysiology of atherosclerosis and acute coronary syndrome. Key clinical investigations including ECG and ABG interpretation will be covered in-depth, and students will gain a comprehensive understanding of various cardiac interventions and the associated nursing care. Principles of cardiac surgery and care of the patient requiring surgery will be addressed. The course will incorporate recognition of the deteriorating cardiac patient and management of a cardiac arrest. Lectures and tutorials will address theoretical content utilizing case studies to assist with application of theory to practice. Practical application of assessment, emergency and non-technical skills will be conducted through a practical face-to-face workshop incorporating simulation. Designed for registered practitioners in cardiac healthcare this course will help develop nurses’ knowledge, expertise and understanding in this specialist area.