The MBRU Summer Scholars Program is a co-curricular program which provides students with opportunities for research, clinical observership, community service as well as arts & creativity experiences. The program aims to provide our students with opportunities for hands-on experience beyond the classroom to broaden their capacity for innovation and lateral thinking, and enable them to grow as responsible global citizens.  These opportunities are offered locally in the UAE and internationally.

The objectives of the MBRU Summer Scholars Program are:

  • To provide placements for hands-on experience in research laboratories, observerships in the clinical setting and volunteering in providing humanitarian services within the community
  • To provide opportunities for students to acquire new skills and experiences in research, clinical and community service arenas
  • To foster a sense of responsibility as global citizens
  • To provide students with opportunities for cross-cultural experiences and engagement in team work

Award category

This is an annual event held on the first Thursday in October to celebrate and recognize students who have participated in the MBRU Summer Scholars Program. It is an opportunity for the students to showcase their experiences through poster presentations. Students who have published, received external awards or made conference presentations, based on their previous placements are also recognized. Please view posters from the Summer 2021 placements.

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